Sunday, March 9, 2014

Becoming a Girl...

Growing up, I was a very girly girl, but along with liking pink,
and loving to wear dresses, I also was very much into playing in mud and climbing trees
soooooo... yeah, now I leaned toward the more girly side, going to ballet classes
and liking the whole DIYing doll clothes stuff, I loved Little House on The Prairie books.
Me now... I play video games, I make dresses but I don't wear them, I don't touch my hair if
I can get away with it, I don't wear much color, I'm girly but not... it's just strange
I'm good at being myself, whether I'm girly or not, I'm myself and that's the best thing
I could ever do.

I still like to think I'm tomboyish, but that I find isn't really the case much anymore, now I'm just
back to dancing, I want to do more with guitar, doing dress stuff, and am missing my
writing and drawing. I long for the days I was younger, climbed trees, ran around in the forest, and enjoyed playing in the dirt.

At the moment I am snowmobiling a bit even though it' really warming up now, and
am helping my friend with her Prom dress, what I want to know now is how the Prom got
it's name... let me know if you know! :) (rabbit trail!)