Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Beauty Blogger..?

I am going to say this once.

Not every girl online will be into beauty, or do beauty blogs. Yes, it is a reliable format. but No, I do not do Beauty vids on my channel or on this Blog, I occasionally will post a random hack or something, but its not what I'm trying to do. Any dork with a camera can go to a store buy something and showcase their purchases, I don't define that as a beauty guru.

Beauty videos are Look Books, hair, makeup and skincare Tutorials, some Hauls, maybe an occasional DIY, but I do not do this.

No, I am one of the few Youtubers out in the depths of cyber space that do not focus on beauty formats.

I talk, Vlog, and do music, thats my thing. I will do an occasional DIY, and a Get Ready With Me. But I don't elaborate on that.

Partly why I do not do beauty videos, is I do not feel confident in my abilities. I, as most women in the world, was semi self taught/ youtube taught. And whether this is good or bad, I don't feel I can help anyone with my makeup skills, such as they are. Hair, well, I feel nearly the same way.

Maybe someday I will do beauty videos and blog posts, but that is not my aim in life. So yeah, yuck it up internet, I am a Woman who does not focus on the beauty format in my post. :P


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