Friday, September 21, 2012

Scene and seen

This blog is going to be about my life, my frustrations. there are many and I don't feel comfortable writing them in a note book where the people i know will find them, the likelihood of them finding them is very slime if its on the internet.

today went well, then i got home, and i felt horribly tired. to make matters worse I was faced with my family bickering about chores or lack of doing them. I know it sound dumb but i do my chores and there is nothing that motivates me to do them, i just do them. but my sibling is the opposite, they put it off so long its almost ridicules, I mean for instance, if they had a pet and lived by themselves  that pet my actually die of starvation, or at least be under weight drastically.
I am so happy to be in my room, its like the one place i can be where there is nothing wrong, except when there is somebody yelling out side my door.