Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What We Should Learn From Formal School Dances

  1. Everyone is beautiful... We all get ready, girls take maybe hours to get ready for their school dance, and every single girl is different (And guys). But everyone is so different, we shouldn't have an ideal standard on what real beauty is. No one is the same. If we would just realize the beauty in the diversity, and everyones different take on beauty, then we probably wouldn't be doing everything wrong.
  2. Taking Time... Back to what I said earlier about taking hours to get ready, you should spend some time on you. You are so important! You matter, and I know you might be in high school, but it feels wonderful to do something for yourself, whether its taking time alone for yourself, or doing your makeup in the morning. I used to get up early, make coffee, breakfast, and just sit there, enjoying a moment for myself. It does help you during your day, it makes you feel a bit more collected.
  3. Having Real Fun. Always enjoying you self wherever you are have fun. You may think that I'm crazy, but just know I'm onto something. Yes, we can't be happy all the time, but know you can have fun in a very ridiculous situation. When I get cut off, after a moment to recover from fearing for my life, I find myself busting up, from the ridiculousness of people. 
  4. Enjoy your friends. Toxic friendships are frightening, but if you are enjoying your true friends that care about you, then you will feel so alive, and maybe even loved :)
  5. It's okay to ask some one out. We ask people out when we are adults, but I find it rare that teenagers go out on actual dates, just spending time with their boyfriend or girlfriend. I am not into dating people I don't know well, I mean: stranger danger.
I hope you take something lovely away from this, whether you're a boy or a girl.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

School Dance 101

So, why is a junior in college going to a high school Homecoming dance... well, a friend asked me, only 1 year younger then me asked, so I said yes.

But this post is about being a young high schooler, that is 1 to three years younger then me at the moment, where everything is epic and a school dance is one of the coolest things you can go to.

1. Wear what you love, I know so many people that wore their second choice, and they weren't happy about it. Wear something you love whether its that really high glam dress, or that classy outfit that you feel pretty and powerful in. Or if your a guy, wear what makes you feel like Mick Jagger, or what makes you feel like the man in. In other words, you do you. You don't need to put your hair up if you feel uncomfortable doing that.

2. Go with who your comfortable with, if you are asked on a first date and you are at a school dance, that is one of the most stressful things i think I have ever been through. And that was going as "just friends" No matter what, there is going to be a pressure about it, a pressure to like each other and to be close. So going stag, I would say is one of my favorite things I ever did. Yeah, the date was fun, however, there is no pressure between you two when your not a couple.

3. Also if you are going on a 1st date, I would recommend seeing if you can go with a group of friends, it takes some of the edge off, even if they're not your friends, it makes you feel slightly better, not as pressured. Because then its not just the 2 of you.

if there are any hints you'd like to add, go ahead and comment please! even share some stories about you school dances.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First day of School...

Well nothing can't be solved with a good cup of coffee.... but the First day of school. Okay so my first day was a week ago. But now the grade school and high school are back in business, in my home town, so lets be honest here. The first day is always the worst.

Freshman or not, you know by now that first days are usually the most annoying day ever. You have to get used to a new sleep schedule after your summer of either early rising or sleeping until 1:00pm. So what better to start your first day back at school, or your first month back at college then to read my exploitation of my first day of Photography class.

I car pooled to College with my best friend, and she got out of class before me, so just take that into consideration. I realized, (And yes guys, Period.) I got my Period, of course, you know first day of a class, have some cramps and bloating on top of the stress of a new schedule. I'm fine, I take care of it, but then I'm sitting in class, and mind you I am barely out of high school at this point, but I get only what I can describe as to being a hot flash, in the middle of my period and Class.

So I am sitting there, in pain and feeling like I'm about pass out, and then the wave of nausea hits, Oh yeah... I get up abruptly, fill my bag, and my dear Professor stops me, Mr. G asks me if I am not planning on taking the class, "No, I uh... I will be back next week, but I really gotta go..." he nods, and says I can do a the in class project at home. 

I bolt from the room, and calmly start walking, but then I go into a sprint for the bathroom which is about 50 yards away. 

No I do not toss my cookies on the Colleges nice, new carpet. I make it to the restroom sink. after I am don't I wonder if I should go back to class, but decide against it. I go downstairs to wait for my best friend to finish her physics class, which is 15 after I puke. So I am no longer nauseous, but I am writhing in pain from cramps, and still feeling super warm. She comes down, and I relay the event to her, I think that was her best first day ever... yeah.

If that is not enough for you, when I was in high school, I almost fainted in civics, a class I actually enjoyed... Yes... that is how my life goes some times.

Have a good first day, I dare you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Unwanted Physical Contact

Something nearly everyone experiences in their life, whether it'd be a hug from some strange person, or just being crammed in a train with a billon other people. However we will be touching on(bad pun)  deliberated contact.

I am not OCD by any means, but I have my moments where physical touch alludes me. Usually it is when it comes from young men, and some women. It also depends upon the day and who.

Two years ago, I was sitting under a tree reading, (yes that is a hobby of mine, I do the stereotypical thing in college that all young women do. I read under trees). And a guy I know sat down next to me. We talked some but then some other guy joined us, and they stared talking about my hair, for some obnoxious reason. and in doing that, the guy I knew reached over and touched my hair, I felt like crumpling and hiding from them.

Another time this happened it was from a guy who is a lot bigger then me, and he's a huggable person, I am not. He always gave me big hugs that I was never wanting to accept because they made me feel super uncomfortable.

One day I even snapped at the poor guy, saying he should work on his people skills because he went in for an unwanted bear hug, I did apologize later, but I still feel bad, but "I don't want your Free Hugs"

Crazy idea, but asking if its okay is perfectly acceptable, then they can say whether its okay or not. Consent is important, especially for physical contact.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Playing for People....

Tonight, I played guitar and sang for a small amount of people, and it was a kind of new song, which I will do again for them, on a later date.
Two things blew through my mind, this is where my inner novas and novelist make their appearance.

1. "You need to play a song until your sick of it, because once your good enough at the song to be sick of it, your almost there, you can play it for people, and they might like it, because they haven't hopefully gotten sick of it."

Honestly I wholeheartedly agree with that, because other wise you will feel like your awful when you play a new song. Because I'm still in the honeymoon faze of learning the song I played. and I fell like I could have done so much better if I had learned it sooner, and practiced more, and if I didn't have scar tissue on my bare chord finger's knuckle

So from a guitarist of 5 years, to much practice isn't a thing. Killing a song, do it!

2. Not hearing your guitar, makes such a difference.

The chord my guitar was plugged into was dead, I mean, we should have put it in a canoe shipped it off and shot a flaming arrow at it, it was that dead. Deader than dead.

We didn't know what was wrong at first but then a guy who was helping me, at the end of my set, he said that the back up 2 chord should have been sent out to sea a long time ago... so yeah that was that.

Two things to mess up playing for other people.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Being Asked Out...

That moment when you receive a message like "Hey, I wanted to ask when we first met, but I was wondering if we could go out or something." you as a person have the choice to say "Yes" or "No."

I have only ever been asked out twice, and each time I have said "I'm sorry, but I don't date." Not because I wouldn't want to but because I'd prefer not to date people I'm not close friends with. But every time I've said no, I get this stabbing pain in my gut, like guilt. As if it is a crime to say what I say.

One other time I was nearly asked out, the guy asked for my phone number, he was like the male version of me, he was a writer, and my response to this young man who I was attracted to was "I don't own a phone... Sorry." he almost left his phone there, and if I hadn't said anything I would have had his home number.

Life man, I don't date, and every time I've gotten asked out or the one time they asked for my phone, I say stuff like that. What young adult woman does this? right.

Share if you care to I'd love to hear from you guys.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Music fears... Adventure fears... my fears...

I was browsing the world wide web, and even wider range on Youtube. When I ran across a depressing comment, it was on a musician's video and was completely demeaning his musical abilities, and song writing skills. When I watched his video, I was moved. I'm about to go off on many an adventure, which is my thing, but scary if you are do that alone.

I sit there listening to his music and am given this since of excitement, and of possibilities. It didn't give me the courage, but got me more excited to go. 

Then my mind went back to that ugly comment.

What the heck... I don't understand people who will down talk someone else's abilities. Especially when they can do something not everybody in the world can do. Writing and playing music is a skill. And the fact that somebody is going to down talk that persons abilities is horrifying to me. I'm a musicians and song writer. And that is a big fear of mine.

So when I see other people clobber someone over their gift, I want to run away and hide in a cave. People relentless in finding faults, but also, they aren't always looking for faults.

I am brought back to an interesting word given to me by a movie i can't remember. 'Who cares what they think." and the truth is is we all want to be accepted and loved, but it doesn't matter. The only opinion that matters of you, is yours.

And there is a song that deeply moved me, no special effects, just a guy with a ukulele. and somebody thought it was trash. Crazy amazing, right? Write on.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015 my family...

I'm not sure if you're family suffers through this but mine goes through Belated Birthday Syndrome. It is an imposable disorder that is apparent around ones birthday. It starts the day of your birthday, when something hasn't been sent on time, or your family is busy. I picked out my gifts so my immediate family got all their stuff in, and it was a pretty good year, friends however help prolong BBS (lol). Honestly, I love it, it's not as overwhelming as everything in one day.

I'm not complaining, because a birth month sounds so much more festive the a birthday or birth week.
let me know if your family ever stay on time, or if they're always late with things.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

One Year Older...

I spoke to a complete stranger recently and mentioned that I was turning one year older this week, and they congratulated me as is considered cordial,  but I mentioned that I wasn't excited. I am considered a young adult, but I don't finding it enjoyable, I find it horrifying.

For me, each year reminds me that I haven't completed all I want. And each birthday reminds me I won't be here forever to complete the things that I have been putting off. I'm not afraid of growing old, more I'm afraid grownup and having to be an adult.

Call it peter pan syndrome, but its me having to grow up, and do the mundane things in life such as pay taxes, and spending a weekend clean your house.

Pray for me, I'm a bit down about this.


Thursday, April 30, 2015

Skin Care

Don't mind me try and be Beauty blogger, but I was watching dear Bunny's video from last year
"MY SKINCARE ROUTINE!" and I have acne prone skin. Bunny talked about her holy grail products but said she couldn't suggest any dupes so here I am to suggest some alternatives!!!! :D

All products should be found in your local Walmart, Walgreens, or Meijer (prices do very).

Acne spot treatments
-Elf Acne Fighting Gel(w/ 1.0% Salicylic Acid) $1
-Alba Botanica Acne-dote skincare inviolable Gel $7.66
-Say Yes to Tomatoes Clear Skin Acne Roller Ball Spot Stick $8.97
-(for the ladies) Natures Cure Acne Vanishing Cream (works with hormone issues) $8.97

Face Washes!
-Alba Botanica Acne-dote Deep Pore Wash (Salicylic Acid) $7.49 (my personal favorite)
-Alba Botanica Good and Clean Gentle Acne Face Wash $4.99
-Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Tea-tree Face Wash (also Gentle)

(if you do not moisturize your face,
you will over produce oil and clog your pores!
however most of theses products do not fight acne).

-Coconut oil (test first be fore full use!) $6.98
-Simple light Moisturizer (fragrance and dye free!) $8.31
-Simple Rich Moisturizer (fragrance and dye free!) $8.31
-Say yes to Tomatoes Moisturizer $9.09

Hope this was helpful, I may add more in the future!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Writing Road Block

So get ready for something #relatable. :D

I am at an area of my nonexistent Writing career where I'm not doing nothing fruitful my my 1000 pages of many years work. I just am not motivated, to edit, or publish, I am motivated to write.
Like now I'm writing, and I'm good with that, but at the same time, I am furious with myself for not doing anything with my long hours of hard work. I have access to self publish, and to design my own book cover, and to just do everything, I have all the tools at my finger tips, and yet... nothing

Now mind you, I'm doing this to my Poor Mother as well, she has written severe Children's books and is expecting me to illustrate them, but to no avail. It doesn't help that I am a full time college student, and have a job. but on my free time I do everything I do not need to accomplish.

I hate this, not doing anything fruitful... its just... not helpful, and counterproductive.

Thursday, March 5, 2015


I was talking to my Friendly Neighborhood Barista, and he told me that most people don't know what certain drinks due to some commercial coffee companies, and I thought that was sad. so I will enlightened those who are used to star.... I mean commercial companies, instead of local.

Latté-esspresso 1-milk 3+            1:3+ 8oz     includes Mochas and other flavored latté drinks

Cappuccino-esspresso 1-milk 2   1:2   6oz

Macchiato-esspresso 2-milk 1     2:1   3oz=a shot glass

Espresso-esspresso 1-milk 0       1:0   duh!

there are more according to Huffington Post

But these are the basics, you might even say after looking at that chart I'm wrong, I could be, but its the basic idea, not altogether accurate, but its close. Now you know what all these fancy drink names mean pretty much. No go forth and don't be such a noob! :D All in good humor!

-Leah RP

Friday, February 27, 2015

Winter Jam

There are few things in this world that I enjoi ;D, but one of those few are cheap amazing concerts such as Winter Jam! I had a blast there, and got to hear some really amazing music.
About a Mile
For King and Country
Family Force 5
Building 429
Francesca Battistelli
Jeremy Camp

I found two new bands this year, new to me lol, and I am a bit more interested with the. I will be honest, I don't get as excited about every band, but I am happy to find new ones, and hear a variation of styles if if I don't get as stoked. After all 'Variety is the spice of life.'

I also got a t-shirt because I like getting at least one t-shirt, and that is it.

my 2 favorite bands were Skillet and For King and Country, the major favorites!
thanks for reading!

My video links
Follow me around Winter Jam-

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Art Student

Today, I prepare for my Stat. and Probability midterm. First of all, if I was in Australia, or a European   country, I wouldn't need to take a Stat. and Prob. class. but here, in America, trying to get my Associates in Visual Art, I am required to take three Math classes, along with social sciences, and a regular science class.

Now, in all actuality, I love the social science, especially Abnormal Psychology, and Astronomy, but now changing the transfer program rules, requiring me to take one more Math, namely Stats and so on.

I don't need this, I'm not looking for an easy A, when it comes to class, but still, I have 0 interest in Stats. Why? just Why? this isn't ever going to aid my degree, in my field of study. I don't want to deal with it, I don't want to be in this class, I'll never us µ squared, the only thing I may ever use is Φ because that makes up nearly every organic like compositions, but on what earth will I need to use this stuff, because I am not planning on becoming a gambler, or a accountant.

Life man, just complaining about stats that I don't need.

-L.R. Parker

Monday, February 16, 2015

Old.... Friends?

Today as I scrolled through blogs as you would normally do (not really) I came across a blog that and old... well, I'll call her a friend, because she was one of my earliest friend I can remember. and now that I think about it it makes no since that we were friends then.

Once we hit puberty everything changed, she began to try to control me, and I sub-contiously knew it, but you also understand being a kid and unable know how to handle specific situation. The short version is I cracked and completely crushed her, because she was completely hurting me, because that is how I used to think friends were, trying to control each other.

She then couples together with another girl as a friend and they completely freeze me out, and thus begins my black sheep, and they become my hypothetical bully. If I had a bully, I would consider her one then, not as much as my supposed best friend at the time, because no one could top her, but it wasn't the best.

I also saw this same friend, not to mention was partners in drivers ed with this girl, because we knew each other from the Home School Group, so we were on semi friendlier terms with each other.

Now, I go on and today, I see her Blog, she is getting married and is two months younger then me,  she is 18.

Married by 19, I understand, and I could have called it because of how I know her. But now, I wonder, because of our friendship, should I feel happy to her? We came to at the least tolerance, but now to be honest, I have no bad feeling towards her, I am Switzerland, I am Horton at the end of Horton hears a who, because I actually am happy for her.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

What Valentine's Day means to me...

During the time of Empire Claudias, Father Frank O'Gara, or St. Valentine, known for marrying young people illegally, due to the fact that Empire Claudias wanted unlimited amounts of solders
who wouldn't be distracted by wives or children. He was sent to prison and killed, but before he was killed, the daughter of one of his judges, was blind. and it is said that he prayed for her and healed her. Thus Valentine's Day.

But what Valentine's Day means to me.

I do not have a significant other, and therefore I do not anyone to celebrate this holiday with. So, over the years, my Mom showed me a different way to go through this holiday, I cleaned the kitchen, baked cookies, made a pie, and set everything up for breakfast, so its like a mini Christmas, or Easter. More for blessing them then anything else.

It's about blessing people on this day, because its about loving people. Not just one person, it's about those I love.


Friday, January 16, 2015


Nerd, Geek, Know-it-all Overachiever...

Many of these names; I have been called.

Today I sat in my favorite local coffee shop, and studied, but I started at 10:00am and then finished at 10:25am. No joke.

First of all, background on me, I was Home Schooled, yes that wonderful world where people think a lot of children don't do anything because the are schooled at home. Home sweet home.

I'm not trying to become the advocate of homeschooling, after all, I was a black sheep of the homeschooling community, but I will say, you're parents expectations are a lot higher then the states.

In Homeschooling, I learned what independent study truly meant. My brother has Aspergers, but at the time we thought it was just ADHD, and due to that, I, the semi normaler of the two, studied often on my own, which taught me a lot about myself and studying. I have reading dyslexia, (which if your a smart-alec, yes that involves numbers too), but I will never let that be an excuse for anything, I have written/ am writing a large amount of novels, and therefore just because I have a different way of seeing words on a page doesn't mean I have a disability. but, anyhow by junior high I got this studying thing down pretty dang good.

Now 5 scary years later, I am in college, doing college level work, used to working hard, taking challenging classes, finishing studying sessions in 25 minutes, less then half an hour. I do not claim to be anything short of a genius, my favorite thing to do is to tell people I graduated high school a year early, and tell them it was because I did too much work. ;)  But I will say, doing independent study prepared me for college, which is mostly independent work. now it is a given that if there is something that truly is challenging per-say a math exam, I will spend hours studying for it, but a lot of time, the stuff I am learning is revision. At the moment I am taking a Abnormal Psychology class along side of three other classes, and they are all revision, all but Abnormal Psych. and I still am leaning new thing in psych, but It doesn't take me long to study the case studies and the text prescribed.

Homeschooled problems... Two semester ago I took a speech class and we were talking about different cultures, and I was bringing a lot to the table, and this random guy asked me flat out, "How do you know so much?" I claimed Youtube fore my sources, but in all actuality I am a Homeschooler who loves to read, so I do know a lot, just don't ask me to find the area of the Detroit metro area, I will be so lost :P

If you have Overachiever problems, or Homeschool problems, let me know in the comments below!