Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Birthdays...in my family...

I'm not sure if you're family suffers through this but mine goes through Belated Birthday Syndrome. It is an imposable disorder that is apparent around ones birthday. It starts the day of your birthday, when something hasn't been sent on time, or your family is busy. I picked out my gifts so my immediate family got all their stuff in, and it was a pretty good year, friends however help prolong BBS (lol). Honestly, I love it, it's not as overwhelming as everything in one day.

I'm not complaining, because a birth month sounds so much more festive the a birthday or birth week.
let me know if your family ever stay on time, or if they're always late with things.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

One Year Older...

I spoke to a complete stranger recently and mentioned that I was turning one year older this week, and they congratulated me as is considered cordial,  but I mentioned that I wasn't excited. I am considered a young adult, but I don't finding it enjoyable, I find it horrifying.

For me, each year reminds me that I haven't completed all I want. And each birthday reminds me I won't be here forever to complete the things that I have been putting off. I'm not afraid of growing old, more I'm afraid grownup and having to be an adult.

Call it peter pan syndrome, but its me having to grow up, and do the mundane things in life such as pay taxes, and spending a weekend clean your house.

Pray for me, I'm a bit down about this.