Friday, November 30, 2012

Bloo not blue

So I was in class having a epiphany
"What if Bloo took over NYC"
That would be a scary moment. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012


my view of thanks giving, is a bit different then many of you all. in my world, thanks giving is a time where i clean the house so it can be neat for our dinner, then make food i should consume, and clean up after. I get some sketching in after dinner, if I am at my extended family's house. but if I am at my house I get to do dishes and then go off and be forced to think about what I am thankful for this thanksgiving. I am to negative to be thankful during the holidays. Christmas is close to the same, except I get stuff. my favorite holidays are Halloween, New Years, Easter, and, Christmas Eve, because there is nothing that involves me on my feet all day to get a meal i wont be eating much of and cleaning the house, because either we are all reading a story, watching something or doing some thing I enjoy most.
Hope you guys have a good Thanks Giving!
I hope I live through mine...

Friday, November 9, 2012

virtual made real

Tell me,
what justifies abuse? violence? I know that nothing material wise should, and yet, it does. tonight i watched some one charge over to someone who was inquiring about a video game, handling it. the other person forcefully yanked the game back and in term hurting the inquirer in the process.

to be honest, i never thought and addiction so minor would hurt someone physically, until know. this is caused not just because of video games, but by the thought of them being taken away. take into consideration what you really could live with out in life, what is not vital to your being and weigh that with the welfare of a person. what is more important then the people that surround us every day?
I only have one thing that comes to mind, but to be honest this thing, is the reason i live and breath now.

dont get me wrong, i know games, i know they are fun, but they are not vital to your life, nor should they be so important that you should hurt someone for them. they are simply an extra, something we do to enjoy ourselves. but even then should we take video games over a day with a friend, a walk, enjoying creation, and the simple joys that are important, and even vital to our well being. this, this is what I ask, are they so important that we overlook others?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Relate-able song

Relate-able song, One Republic-Secrets
so basically, I really like that song, and I listen to the lyrics, but some how I didn't pay attention to the words. so I listened to it and realized why I like it, because it describes me completely.
And I am not exaggerating, I am a One Republic fan, not a stalker fan that stares at their twitter page for every time they say "our fans r awesome" or "our new albums out!"
I say Baaaakaaaa to that.
Baka Baka Baka Baka
Artists arern't gods