Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Music fears... Adventure fears... my fears...

I was browsing the world wide web, and even wider range on Youtube. When I ran across a depressing comment, it was on a musician's video and was completely demeaning his musical abilities, and song writing skills. When I watched his video, I was moved. I'm about to go off on many an adventure, which is my thing, but scary if you are do that alone.

I sit there listening to his music and am given this since of excitement, and of possibilities. It didn't give me the courage, but got me more excited to go. 

Then my mind went back to that ugly comment.

What the heck... I don't understand people who will down talk someone else's abilities. Especially when they can do something not everybody in the world can do. Writing and playing music is a skill. And the fact that somebody is going to down talk that persons abilities is horrifying to me. I'm a musicians and song writer. And that is a big fear of mine.

So when I see other people clobber someone over their gift, I want to run away and hide in a cave. People relentless in finding faults, but also, they aren't always looking for faults.

I am brought back to an interesting word given to me by a movie i can't remember. 'Who cares what they think." and the truth is is we all want to be accepted and loved, but it doesn't matter. The only opinion that matters of you, is yours.

And there is a song that deeply moved me, no special effects, just a guy with a ukulele. and somebody thought it was trash. Crazy amazing, right? Write on.