Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Song of a New Year

the year's go by and by, and we wonder where the end is nearly every day, but once a year we receive a list of endless possibilities, things that can change.
One thing that always goes on my list is Loose Weight,  and Eat Better. 
This year is rather similar, the first semester of college also got me to think Study More, Work Harder, and don't settle for a B. In the words of Adande from the youtube channel Swoozie, "I want to out do myself." my new year's resolution, to out do myself.

Comment what you're doing, lemme know!


Friday, December 20, 2013

Tolerance-freedom to voice opinion...

There's this thing called tolerance, and we are supposed to tolerate nearly everything, unless it's a view, then you're either wrong or right, there is no "That's your opinion" there's only "Your wrong and I'm right." I find it ridiculous that we have to tolerate being persecuted all the time, for choices of opinion, Phil Roberts voiced an opinion and he is being given a probationary period, because of his opinion, He wasn't voicing fighting words, just stating what he believes. If I couldn't voice my opinion because someone doesn't agree with me, then that means were back to being put in a box, it is wrong to be denied the right to voice your opinion. After all we do this everyday on social media, and everybody else retorts, but we don't kick people off because they said something we don't like.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas 2014

Although the big holiday is coming really fast, it feels so far away, as if it doesn't have any joy in it anymore. Let's put the Joy back in Christmas America, UK, Canada, Euros, We can do this! all this hubbub is really pulling down on the Christmas celebrating. Cleaning houses, buying groceries, all this stuff leads up to the Christmas season, but don't forget to enjoy your hot coco break, and think about the reason for the season, if it's family fellowship, don't put all the material things ahead of them, Eat some dinners at the table as a family. Most College student just want to come home and do nothing, because they are aloud, the just sit around and be with their family, so don't just wait until Christmas, sit down with your house hold, and enjoy each other. Merry Christmas, one and all.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Tea

So this year is a Christmas tea at my church, and my theme is peppermint, red and white swirls. La-de-flippin-da. I am trying to figure out what to have, because it's Tea, not dinner, tea, it's like an evening snack. This includes a few pretty sandwiches, and cookie thingies. I am making Dark Chocolate Crumb bars, because it's a group tea, and the table favors are going to be walnut hedgehogs, peppermint sticks, and peppermint bark. So festive, this is my DIYing for the month I suppose, but it will go further because Christmas is coming up, and you can't really go wrong for a christmas tea. you could do lovely elegant or silly adorable, it's great. Have a good Christmas/holiday prep!