Thursday, August 18, 2016

Life Update: first house, moving out...

Well, It's been a while, hasn't it.

My life has been progressing like it should, and the first update I would say would be I'm moving. Yes the day has finally come when I am moving out of my parents home. The reason it has taken me 20 years of my life, 2 extra compared to many people, is because I was going to a local community college, debt free. Because of that, my parents, mainly my Mom, suggested that I stay home for that time, and just try to work and save money. So I went to college at this school for about 3 years, and now, I am transferring to a school that suits my major more.

With moving out there are a lot of things you should take into consideration.

1. Deposit+Rent

The deposit is basically to hold your spot, and the rent is for that month, most places also will charge you utilities, on the side, unless they state otherwise. This seems kind of elementary, but I will say that last year, I knew nothing what so ever.

2. Furnished...

I was looking for a place and theses people told me on the listing the place was furnished, now in my head, furnished meant bed would be supplied, and everything would be there, but the furniture would be moved out once a roommate left 3 months later.

3. Timing

I waited, because I couldn't look ahead due to finances. So I began to look 4 months in advanced, but it didn't go to well. It is definitely miraculous that I found a place the way I did. I would never recommend my method ever. So look ahead, otherwise the stress might destroy you.

So I hope this is slightly helpful for you, if your a young high schooler about to make your way in college. moving in. I'll let you guys know how the move goes, and any extra wisdom for the future.