Thursday, January 9, 2014

Making Videos...

If you didn't know this already, I do an occasional youtube video, and my New Years resolution was to make a video a week. That means I am still dedicated to do so. It's a one month dedication and I am sticking with it so far.
First thing I would recommend is to play your video, put it in writing. I have an idea book just for that purpose, and it's full of ideas but no structured plan. The new videos I'm doing are structured and they are turning out a lot better then the original videos. So plan, even if you're vlogging, at least play what you're talking about a little. Randomness is nice but in moderation.
Second, speak up, it's important to be heard, especially if you don't own a proper microphone, then you have to be loud enough to reach the mic on your camera.
Last, have somebody take look at some of the material if you're new to the video stuff, because some stuff might be hilarious to you, but stale to someone else.

let me know if this was helpful or if there are some subjects we should cover, I would enjoy this being more of a conversation blog then a just my thoughts blog. there's a comment bar, go ahead, you won't kill anybody, say anything, :P

Monday, January 6, 2014

Back to school... again.

I am a college student at the moment, and am extremely excited about another semester... no, not really, my excitement is surprising (sarcasm!) I am just realizing I really don't care for school, out of high school or not. Being a Freshmen, and being there for my second semester, so not a vet, but getting there. I am on the verge to start, but don't want to, and don't want to, I'm also going to work during that duration of time, so I'm not to excited about it, my job has nothing to do with the field I'm going into. On to the lovely life, I'm having a hard time going through the whole individuality thing, because I don't know if it's just me being insecure, but I find it extremely troublesome trying to feel good about wearing the stuff I DIY just for me, in high school, I loved dressing my own way, but now, it's challenging to feel good about wearing stuff I love to, in the beginning I loved it, I wore a corset I made over a t-shirt, and it looked good, sweaters fit great, and I had a blast.
Now, I am halted. I feel it's both me realizing me dressing according to my position, not my age, but also my after season out of shape feeling. I really wasn't in any better shape at the start then I am now, but now it's just the after Christmas vibe. So, that's what's up, How's it going with you guys? let me know.