Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 4

In the words of my Father, yeasted day 3 of my birthday, if this puzzles you, allow me to explain,
my family is all over, with different schedules and different things on their mind, like most people.
and due to that and having friends with different schedules, My family and I find ourselves celebrating nearly all month long.

I don't mean having a party every day, but for instance, one day you get a card in the mail, and the next, nearly a full week after your birthday you go out with your best friend to dinner and a movie. not to mentions sending out thank you cards to everyone. The day of my birthday, I got up, got coffee, and was sung to with a birthday candle in my smoothie, I was sung to about 10 times that day, because my parents and I go to church, and they decided to sing happy birthday to me in the lobby, in front of everyone.

I got to go out to eat, then went home did laundry, clean my living space, and then went to see Moms' night out with my mom, I finished off the evening with hanging out with my brother and his best friend.

  • the saturday before my birthday I got a T-shirt from my aunt, one I picked out myself
  • the Friday before my birthday, I received a card from my Grand parents, and went out with a friend and my Mom.
  • Day 2, I cleaned a festive area, then was taken out to eat, to shop in junk shops, and to get ice cream.
  • Day 3, I went to the secretary of states office, and got a card from my other Grand parents.
  • Today, I have no idea what I'll be doing, tomorrow I'm going to be going out with my best friend, dinner and a movie, I have no idea if there are gifts involved, or if the time is the gift.

All I know, is I enjoy birthdays so much more then I did when I was 10.
Share your birthday fun or catastrophes below!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Becoming a Girl... part 2

I started my last B.A.G. (So ironic lol) post with Growing up...
I almost did that this post, but here we go again.
When I got into the early stages of young womanhood, there were things I didn't know, things I wasn't taught... don't worry this has nothing to do with the lovely lady problems that men don't want to hear about.

My Grandma grew up in a time where there were only 2-3 beauty creams, women wore dresses all the time. Women curled their hair in hot curlers nearly every day, red lipstick was definitly making its mark.
What she didn't know, and didn't teach my Mom was the things I had to figure out by myself. Like how to do eyeliner without looking like you have black eyes, and that applying deodorant more then once a day is a good thing... Facial moisturizer was a mystery to my house, as well as exfoliating your face.

With extended research and youtube videos aiding me, I got better, learned what facial primer was for, and learned the "Proper" way to do makeup. I still don't do my hair if I can get away with it, love the days I go makeup less, and wear sneakers as much as possible. (I stubbed my toe before prom then wore my really high heels, that was three weeks ago and I'm still feeling it.)

I might do more of these blogs, I quite enjoy them.


Friday, May 9, 2014

New morning routine!

So, due to coming back from Spring Break I have reevaluated my morning routine, or lack there of
but here we are and this has worked  for me for the past week. so here you go!

  • Wake up, and pull out of your bed
  • Exercise 30-45 minutes
  • Drink water, hydrate, then get morning coffee
  • Shower, get ready for the day
  • Eat, if feel up to breakfast
  • Disperse!
This may seem excessive, but I've already lost weight, and I feel a lot better the I used to. I recommend it to you, whether it's a morning walk, or doing a work out video. I feel better in the morning, and definitely feel better about myself. Let me know what your favorite workout/routine is in the comments below!

Mac Noob

I've owned a macbook pro for nearly a year, and O my gosh, I find it super high maintenance compared to the PC I used to use regularly a year ago. Things I do in Activities Monitor to make it run better, as well as cleaning up the hard drive often. I use CCleaner, but I'm not sure if it helps, and I tried using CleanMyMac2 and that was rough to say the least, I went back on Youtube and only the thumbnails I search are visible. Unfortunately I haven't gotten to update my system because the Apple accounts require a card number to go with the ID... Am I really missing anything here????