Friday, February 27, 2015

Winter Jam

There are few things in this world that I enjoi ;D, but one of those few are cheap amazing concerts such as Winter Jam! I had a blast there, and got to hear some really amazing music.
About a Mile
For King and Country
Family Force 5
Building 429
Francesca Battistelli
Jeremy Camp

I found two new bands this year, new to me lol, and I am a bit more interested with the. I will be honest, I don't get as excited about every band, but I am happy to find new ones, and hear a variation of styles if if I don't get as stoked. After all 'Variety is the spice of life.'

I also got a t-shirt because I like getting at least one t-shirt, and that is it.

my 2 favorite bands were Skillet and For King and Country, the major favorites!
thanks for reading!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Art Student

Today, I prepare for my Stat. and Probability midterm. First of all, if I was in Australia, or a European   country, I wouldn't need to take a Stat. and Prob. class. but here, in America, trying to get my Associates in Visual Art, I am required to take three Math classes, along with social sciences, and a regular science class.

Now, in all actuality, I love the social science, especially Abnormal Psychology, and Astronomy, but now changing the transfer program rules, requiring me to take one more Math, namely Stats and so on.

I don't need this, I'm not looking for an easy A, when it comes to class, but still, I have 0 interest in Stats. Why? just Why? this isn't ever going to aid my degree, in my field of study. I don't want to deal with it, I don't want to be in this class, I'll never us µ squared, the only thing I may ever use is Φ because that makes up nearly every organic like compositions, but on what earth will I need to use this stuff, because I am not planning on becoming a gambler, or a accountant.

Life man, just complaining about stats that I don't need.

-L.R. Parker

Monday, February 16, 2015

Old.... Friends?

Today as I scrolled through blogs as you would normally do (not really) I came across a blog that and old... well, I'll call her a friend, because she was one of my earliest friend I can remember. and now that I think about it it makes no since that we were friends then.

Once we hit puberty everything changed, she began to try to control me, and I sub-contiously knew it, but you also understand being a kid and unable know how to handle specific situation. The short version is I cracked and completely crushed her, because she was completely hurting me, because that is how I used to think friends were, trying to control each other.

She then couples together with another girl as a friend and they completely freeze me out, and thus begins my black sheep, and they become my hypothetical bully. If I had a bully, I would consider her one then, not as much as my supposed best friend at the time, because no one could top her, but it wasn't the best.

I also saw this same friend, not to mention was partners in drivers ed with this girl, because we knew each other from the Home School Group, so we were on semi friendlier terms with each other.

Now, I go on and today, I see her Blog, she is getting married and is two months younger then me,  she is 18.

Married by 19, I understand, and I could have called it because of how I know her. But now, I wonder, because of our friendship, should I feel happy to her? We came to at the least tolerance, but now to be honest, I have no bad feeling towards her, I am Switzerland, I am Horton at the end of Horton hears a who, because I actually am happy for her.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

What Valentine's Day means to me...

During the time of Empire Claudias, Father Frank O'Gara, or St. Valentine, known for marrying young people illegally, due to the fact that Empire Claudias wanted unlimited amounts of solders
who wouldn't be distracted by wives or children. He was sent to prison and killed, but before he was killed, the daughter of one of his judges, was blind. and it is said that he prayed for her and healed her. Thus Valentine's Day.

But what Valentine's Day means to me.

I do not have a significant other, and therefore I do not anyone to celebrate this holiday with. So, over the years, my Mom showed me a different way to go through this holiday, I cleaned the kitchen, baked cookies, made a pie, and set everything up for breakfast, so its like a mini Christmas, or Easter. More for blessing them then anything else.

It's about blessing people on this day, because its about loving people. Not just one person, it's about those I love.