Friday, January 16, 2015


Nerd, Geek, Know-it-all Overachiever...

Many of these names; I have been called.

Today I sat in my favorite local coffee shop, and studied, but I started at 10:00am and then finished at 10:25am. No joke.

First of all, background on me, I was Home Schooled, yes that wonderful world where people think a lot of children don't do anything because the are schooled at home. Home sweet home.

I'm not trying to become the advocate of homeschooling, after all, I was a black sheep of the homeschooling community, but I will say, you're parents expectations are a lot higher then the states.

In Homeschooling, I learned what independent study truly meant. My brother has Aspergers, but at the time we thought it was just ADHD, and due to that, I, the semi normaler of the two, studied often on my own, which taught me a lot about myself and studying. I have reading dyslexia, (which if your a smart-alec, yes that involves numbers too), but I will never let that be an excuse for anything, I have written/ am writing a large amount of novels, and therefore just because I have a different way of seeing words on a page doesn't mean I have a disability. but, anyhow by junior high I got this studying thing down pretty dang good.

Now 5 scary years later, I am in college, doing college level work, used to working hard, taking challenging classes, finishing studying sessions in 25 minutes, less then half an hour. I do not claim to be anything short of a genius, my favorite thing to do is to tell people I graduated high school a year early, and tell them it was because I did too much work. ;)  But I will say, doing independent study prepared me for college, which is mostly independent work. now it is a given that if there is something that truly is challenging per-say a math exam, I will spend hours studying for it, but a lot of time, the stuff I am learning is revision. At the moment I am taking a Abnormal Psychology class along side of three other classes, and they are all revision, all but Abnormal Psych. and I still am leaning new thing in psych, but It doesn't take me long to study the case studies and the text prescribed.

Homeschooled problems... Two semester ago I took a speech class and we were talking about different cultures, and I was bringing a lot to the table, and this random guy asked me flat out, "How do you know so much?" I claimed Youtube fore my sources, but in all actuality I am a Homeschooler who loves to read, so I do know a lot, just don't ask me to find the area of the Detroit metro area, I will be so lost :P

If you have Overachiever problems, or Homeschool problems, let me know in the comments below!