Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer, for me, a vampire...

Okay, to be honest, I'm not a vampire, but I joke about it all the time.

The old folk tales about vampires bursting into flames when presented with the sun yet again plagues me, truly it does, because that is what my skin does, burns even under the shortest term of sun exposure.

I have learned to combat this with sunscreen and my shorts and tights look. Well... according to my Mother as well as other friends on Facebook, that is a style tragedy... You can see my problem, I don't  like to conform to anything, but in actuality, I'm trying to decide if its considered appropriate.

I enjoy spending the hottest of days wearing my vertically stripped tight with a pair of cropped jeans to a reasonable length of shorts(about mid thigh). but still, although I love it, I can't help but feel like the modest Avril Lavigne look is not suitable for my life.

Like I said, I do this to protect my sun sensitive skin from the elements.

Something in my head tells me "Don't give an ounce of care for what people think about you!" but I care about people too. (MIXED EMOTIONS!!!!!) I mean, I'm an edgy chick, and love the look, not to mention it helps me in my vampire issues, (seriously, I should be Mavis from Hotel Transylvania in real life, I carry a parasol like Wednesday from Oddities: San Fran, except I'm not goth).

What do y'all think is Shorts and Patterned tights acceptable in 21 century America, 2014??? or should I try to muster up some courage to wear skirts more often?