Thursday, March 5, 2015


I was talking to my Friendly Neighborhood Barista, and he told me that most people don't know what certain drinks due to some commercial coffee companies, and I thought that was sad. so I will enlightened those who are used to star.... I mean commercial companies, instead of local.

Latté-esspresso 1-milk 3+            1:3+ 8oz     includes Mochas and other flavored latté drinks

Cappuccino-esspresso 1-milk 2   1:2   6oz

Macchiato-esspresso 2-milk 1     2:1   3oz=a shot glass

Espresso-esspresso 1-milk 0       1:0   duh!

there are more according to Huffington Post

But these are the basics, you might even say after looking at that chart I'm wrong, I could be, but its the basic idea, not altogether accurate, but its close. Now you know what all these fancy drink names mean pretty much. No go forth and don't be such a noob! :D All in good humor!

-Leah RP