Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Unwanted Physical Contact

Something nearly everyone experiences in their life, whether it'd be a hug from some strange person, or just being crammed in a train with a billon other people. However we will be touching on(bad pun)  deliberated contact.

I am not OCD by any means, but I have my moments where physical touch alludes me. Usually it is when it comes from young men, and some women. It also depends upon the day and who.

Two years ago, I was sitting under a tree reading, (yes that is a hobby of mine, I do the stereotypical thing in college that all young women do. I read under trees). And a guy I know sat down next to me. We talked some but then some other guy joined us, and they stared talking about my hair, for some obnoxious reason. and in doing that, the guy I knew reached over and touched my hair, I felt like crumpling and hiding from them.

Another time this happened it was from a guy who is a lot bigger then me, and he's a huggable person, I am not. He always gave me big hugs that I was never wanting to accept because they made me feel super uncomfortable.

One day I even snapped at the poor guy, saying he should work on his people skills because he went in for an unwanted bear hug, I did apologize later, but I still feel bad, but "I don't want your Free Hugs"

Crazy idea, but asking if its okay is perfectly acceptable, then they can say whether its okay or not. Consent is important, especially for physical contact.


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