Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Playing for People....

Tonight, I played guitar and sang for a small amount of people, and it was a kind of new song, which I will do again for them, on a later date.
Two things blew through my mind, this is where my inner novas and novelist make their appearance.

1. "You need to play a song until your sick of it, because once your good enough at the song to be sick of it, your almost there, you can play it for people, and they might like it, because they haven't hopefully gotten sick of it."

Honestly I wholeheartedly agree with that, because other wise you will feel like your awful when you play a new song. Because I'm still in the honeymoon faze of learning the song I played. and I fell like I could have done so much better if I had learned it sooner, and practiced more, and if I didn't have scar tissue on my bare chord finger's knuckle

So from a guitarist of 5 years, to much practice isn't a thing. Killing a song, do it!

2. Not hearing your guitar, makes such a difference.

The chord my guitar was plugged into was dead, I mean, we should have put it in a canoe shipped it off and shot a flaming arrow at it, it was that dead. Deader than dead.

We didn't know what was wrong at first but then a guy who was helping me, at the end of my set, he said that the back up 2 chord should have been sent out to sea a long time ago... so yeah that was that.

Two things to mess up playing for other people.

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