Saturday, October 10, 2015

School Dance 101

So, why is a junior in college going to a high school Homecoming dance... well, a friend asked me, only 1 year younger then me asked, so I said yes.

But this post is about being a young high schooler, that is 1 to three years younger then me at the moment, where everything is epic and a school dance is one of the coolest things you can go to.

1. Wear what you love, I know so many people that wore their second choice, and they weren't happy about it. Wear something you love whether its that really high glam dress, or that classy outfit that you feel pretty and powerful in. Or if your a guy, wear what makes you feel like Mick Jagger, or what makes you feel like the man in. In other words, you do you. You don't need to put your hair up if you feel uncomfortable doing that.

2. Go with who your comfortable with, if you are asked on a first date and you are at a school dance, that is one of the most stressful things i think I have ever been through. And that was going as "just friends" No matter what, there is going to be a pressure about it, a pressure to like each other and to be close. So going stag, I would say is one of my favorite things I ever did. Yeah, the date was fun, however, there is no pressure between you two when your not a couple.

3. Also if you are going on a 1st date, I would recommend seeing if you can go with a group of friends, it takes some of the edge off, even if they're not your friends, it makes you feel slightly better, not as pressured. Because then its not just the 2 of you.

if there are any hints you'd like to add, go ahead and comment please! even share some stories about you school dances.

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